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Palmer's Home Care

Residential Services




Independent Supported Living- ISL

The ISL’s purpose is to provide our individuals with the services they need to enable them to live in their own beautiful home. At Palmer’s Home Care, we assist each individual in living a safe and secure home in a good neighborhood in the community.

Our highly trained staff teach, model, encourage, assist, advocate, equip, and support our individuals to live their most independent life possible. Everyone has the right to be a member of their community and Palmer’s Home Care will encourage meaningful and valued relationships within that community. Every individual is also supported by a team of RNs and LPNs who are readily available to provide their expertise.

Shared Living /
Host Home

A Shared Living/Host home allows an individual to live in a family setting while receiving needed support and learning life skills necessary for independence. The individual will have their own room and be able to accompany the family on trips and other daily activities, just like any other family member. Each host home is selected after careful screening and approval from the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

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