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Palmer's Home Care LLC


Developmental Disability Provider in Columbia and Moberly Missouri

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Serving clients across Jefferson City, Columbia, Moberly, Boonville, and the surrounding areas.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission at Palmer’s Home Care is to equip, educate, and empower individuals with disabilities to live unique, healthy, and fulfilling lives in their homes and communities.


At Palmer’s Home Care, we believe that people with disabilities are no different from anyone else and they deserve and are entitled to the same human rights as their friends, family, and neighbors. The individuals we support have the same hopes, dreams, desires, and frustrations that all of us do. At Palmer’s Home Care, we encourage and support our clients in pursuing healthy and fulfilling lives, meaningful relationships, a positive sense of purpose, and self-reliance. We will educate, advocate, and support individuals with disabilities as well as our community members to this end. We work to reduce stigma, increase awareness, compassion, cooperation, and to bring about positive societal changes for individuals with disabilities by educating our community


Palmer’s Home Care provides personalized support for the individuals that we serve. Our highly trained staff teach, model, encourage, support, advocate, and assist our individuals to be successful and live their most independent life.

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