Empowering individuals with developmental disabilities to live healthy, fulfilling lives in their homes and communities.


Individuals with developmental disabilities are not different from other individuals in that they are entitled to certain basic human rights. They need food, clothing, shelter, medical care, protection, compassion, and purpose, just as anyone else does. They have hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations… just as the rest of us do. We provide care that empowers individuals with developmental disabilities to lead a healthy, fulfilling life, including health and safety, meaningful relationships, and a sense of purpose. We will educate, advocate, and support individuals with developmental disabilities as well as members of the community at large to this end. We work to reduce stigma, increase awareness, compassion, and cooperation, and to bring about positive social change for individuals with developmental disabilities by educating the community at large.


Palmer’s Home Care, LLC provides residential supports to individuals with developmental disabilities, designed to be person-centered and meet the specific needs of each individual in the care of our agency.


  • To teach, model, encourage, and support coping skills and learned behaviors that maximize the human experience for individuals with diagnoses of developmental disabilities.

  • To assist each individual with a diagnosis of a developmental disability to be as independent as possible, encouraging self-determination and self-advocacy.

  • To encourage and facilitate meaningful relationships with others, including natural and chosen family.

  • To advocate, teach, model, and support inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities in the community.